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Can't find a retailer near you? All of our retailers ship nationwide.
Can't find a retailer near you? All of our retailers ship nationwide.

Low-VOC Flooring

Proximity Mills prides itself on making the highest quality floors that are non-toxic, and healthy for you and your family. All of our products are certified to the highest standards as low-VOC or VOC free. 
Yukon River in Northern Pike
Suwannee River in Arcadia
Hudson River in Stream
Yukon River in Leaf
Hudson River in Pebble
Yukon River in Fire Wood
Suwannee River in Teton
Suwannee River in Alabaster
Hudson River in Wavy
Yukon River in Rapids
Suwannee River in Gettysburg
Hudson River in Gorge
Suwannee River in Moulton Barn
Hudson River in Meander
Suwannee River in Irvine
Dorn River in Barton
Driftwood Home in Natural Oak
French Oak in Sunbleached
Suwannee River in Repose
Savannah River in Wright
Driftwood Home in Winter Trail
Suwannee River in Aquila
Columbia River in Warren
Driftwood Home in Natural Maple
Dorn River in NorthBrook
Savannah River in Telfair
Suwannee River in Murphy
Savannah River in Washington
Hudson River in Footprint
Yukon River in Campground
Suwannee River in Bozeman
Savannah River in Oglethorpe
French Oak in Harvest
Everlasting in Miton
French Oak in Coastal
Everlasting in Murcott
French Oak in Straw
Peace River in Placid
Watercrest in Windfall
Enduring in Freeland
Columbia River in Ellis
Artesia in Grassland
Columbia River in Franklin
Everlasting in Honeyburge
Rancher in Haflinger
Driftwood Home in Sugar Hill
Amberhill in Portico
Columbia River in Reynolds
Driftwood Home in Idyllic Escape
Dorn River in Taston