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Can't find a retailer near you? All of our retailers ship nationwide.
Can't find a retailer near you? All of our retailers ship nationwide.

Living Room Flooring

Proximity Mills makes multiple different types of living room flooring. All of these products are built to be high performance floors, that will be durable enough no matter what life throws at it. These living room flooring options are a perfect blend of durable and cozy. 
Alon in Treasure
Amberhill in Portico
Artesia in Grassland
By The Sea in Stunning
Calypso in Stone
Casa Loma in Tawny
Chantara in Enrich
Columbia River in Ellis
Columbia River in Franklin
Columbia River in Reynolds
Columbia River in Warren
Dorn River in Barton
Dorn River in NorthBrook
Dorn River in Radford
Dorn River in Taston
Driftwood Home in Great Outdoors
Driftwood Home in Idyllic Escape
Driftwood Home in Natural Maple
Driftwood Home in Natural Oak
Driftwood Home in Sugar Hill
Driftwood Home in Winter Trail
Eagle Glen in Silver Medal
Emerald in Chestnut
Enduring in Elsfield
Enduring in Freeland
Enduring in Islip
Enduring in Marston
Enduring in Oxford
Ethereal in Kestrel
Ethereal in Pavestone
Ethereal in Renwick
Ethereal in Wisteria
Everlasting in Beckley
Everlasting in Charlton
Everlasting in Honeyburge
Everlasting in Miton
Everlasting in Murcott
French Oak in Aged
French Oak in Antique
French Oak in Coastal
French Oak in Concrete
French Oak in Distressed
French Oak in Hampton
French Oak in Harvest
French Oak in Mill Creek
French Oak in Saddle
French Oak in Straw
French Oak in Sunbleached
French Oak in Vintage
Grand Lagoon in Frill