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Carpet Colors and Trends 2024

Carpet Colors and Trends 2024

Suzy Ziering Suzy Ziering
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Choosing the best carpet color is one of the most important things you can do when redecorating or renovating your home. There are so many different carpet colors and trends to follow, it can feel like an overload of flooring information. In this article, we'll walk through all of the best and most popular options, and what you need to know about all of the different styles 

We'll dive deep into the choices available and go through all of the best options for 2024. By the end of this, you should be able to confidently pick out the carpet of your dreams (and one that matches your decor)! 

Neutral Carpet Colors 

Neutral colors are continuously the most popular amongst homeowners because they simply put, go with every decor. These colors can adapt to any setting, and give you a timeless look that never needs to change. Neutral also allows your room decor such as wallpaper, paint, lighting, and art to take the focus of the room, while the carpet can easily just blend in. 

I really do wish we had a groundbreaking color that is the most popular in 2024 however neutral continues to be the best seller across the entire category. It's easy, and again, goes with everything. 

Light Carpet Colors 

Light colored carpet is gaining traction and is quickly becoming one of the most popular colors. These products are really popular in the South, and go well with homes looking to create a farmhouse or southern charm vibe. Light colors make the room feel bigger, and will give you flexibility when it comes to choosing furniture and different decor options. 

Keep in mind, that light colors are also the hardest to clean and stain easily. Different materials will stain faster or slower, but light carpet will show stains much more than darker options. If you have kids, pets and a bunch of traffic in your house, you should generally stay away from these lighter options. 

Coastal Blue Carpet Colors

If you have white walls and are looking for something to go with it, coastal blue color carpet is making a huge comeback. These were generally popular in the 90s, but are now making their way back. They are great for a home looking for that coastal or beach vibe you seen in movies. Blue carpet is also popular because it generally is more stain resistant and shows stains less than other colors. Most of these products have a white pattern or texture to it to provide depth. They are not your grandma's old blue shag carpet anymore!

Tufted Pattern Carpet 

Although some would not consider "tufted pattern" as a color, it is definitely a trend we are seeing more of and is noteworthy enough to make it on our 2024 list. The tufted pattern products give you something unique, and can be a focal point of a room. These products are especially good if you want to liven up the room, and need something to really bring attention to. 

In Summary

The best color carpet really comes down to your taste, current decor and furniture you have in your room. Although neutral colors are currently the most popular for 2024, that style may not work for your home. When shopping, remember that as long as you stay with one of the major brands, you will not have to worry about quality, and can simply focus on color. 

These trends change quickly, and we expect to continue to see more coastal colors becoming more popular. Homeowners now are trending more towards coastal and modern farmhouse decor, which makes us believe that coastal colors will continue to rise in popularity. 

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